The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment Williamstown has provided Spiritual Services to the Community for over 45 years. Our Church is a Sanctuary which facilitates healing, guidance, courses, talks and readings, all are welcome.


To provide a spiritual healing and learning centre to the community which allows individuals to discover and deepen their connection with their own divinity and spiritual growth. A nurturing and welcoming place where people from all walks of life can gather, heal, share, commune and grow.


To enable others to be engaged with the wisdom of Spiritualism and Spirituality, and thereby be better equipped to live deeper and fuller lives and to serve their communities and the good of all.


While respecting the diversity in others belief’s and spiritual philosophies and teaching, we affirm that we all share a common ground in our interconnectedness and aspiration to grow in a richer understanding of our purpose in life and our place in the world.

Special Events

Apr 17

Readings Day - Spiritual, Tarot and Angel

Apr 22


Upcoming Regular Events

Apr 18

Divine Light Service - Spiritual Naming Day with Rev. David & Rev. Barbara

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Ways You Can Deepen your Connection with your Angels

Ways You Can Deepen your Connection with your Angels

Meditate more often. Curb negative thoughts and words about yourself, others and/or life in general. Stay out of the “poor me” energy loop. Be kind to yourself, others, animals and nature. Forgive. Connect with nature and Mother Earth: trees, the ocean, etc… Work with crystals, flower essences, crystal elixirs and color therapy. Get energy work such as Reiki. Get bodywork such as massage. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Read books and take classes that seek to enlighten you. Get help from a licensed professional counsellor to help you in areas where you are “stuck” in the past. Watch your diet. Too much meat, dairy and chemicals can lower your vibration. Create harmony in your surroundings. Uncluttered your space, play beautiful music, put uplifting colours on the walls, tend to well loved and cared for plants and animal companions. Create harmony in relationships....

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Angel Connections

Angel Connections

Everyone has Guides and Angels who are always close by, working and walking alongside you lovingly. The more we attune with, communicate and recognise our Angel Helpers, the more we are strengthening our connection. Not only are you strengthening your connection and communication, you are also deepening your Oneness with Source and your Higher Self. Most people are not able to see or hear Angels because the vibration of the Angelic Realm is at a much higher frequency than our own. You may however, learn to see, hear and sense Angels. It is easier to connect with Angels when your frequency is high. Our frequency is naturally high when we are in states of joy, openheartedness and positivity. We are also able to heighten our vibrations through spiritual practices, such as healing, sacred circle work and also love and light service...

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Reflections from our Minister - August 2018

Reflections from our Minister – August 2018

There are many things in life we take for granted without giving them a second thought. It is only when they are no longer available that we appreciate their true value. Probably for each of us the greatest asset we have and what a powerful tool we have at our disposal is our mind. What a marvelous machine the mind is. It keeps our bodies functioning. It stores and can recall memories, experiences and events on-going from our earliest childhood. It enables us to live safely our day to day lives guiding us on our outward journey and accurately guiding us on our return journey to our homes. We’ve all heard the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’! It is the power generated from the mind that manifests our prayers, invocations and desires. Everything is energy and when focused through...

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At some time before the ceremony the Minister receives from Source the Spiritual name for the canditate either through meditation or inspiration. Names received by the Minister are also referenced in the bible. The name has a spiritual meaning as well as representing particular qualities, strengths, and virtues. Every name carries a certain vibration which assists in challenges and encourages the individual to work towards spiritual growth and live in their highest consciousness. The name also reflects the inner self of who you truly are, not the personality of the outer character. A naming Ceremony is a unique way to leave old baggage behind and open one’s path in a whole new perspective and to recognise one’s own Divinity.  

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Update from our President - April 2018

Update from our President – April 2018

This year for COSE has started off with many changes. We have recently made a hire agreement with the Williamstown Musical and Theatre Company (WMTC) to use the John St Hall for their rehearsals. Our Hall has been sitting idle for many years only being used a few times a year for our monthly Readings Day and occasional Trivia nights. We have had a lot of accumulated junk, probably from the 1980’s left on the stage in the hall, from the days when the hall was used as a Kindergarten. Now everything has been cleared out, and its appearance and energy has a new life to it. If you walk into the Hall now, you can feel the difference, it’s very uplifting and inviting. COSE has also employed a painter to give the exterior of the Church a much needed paint,...

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