The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment Williamstown has provided Spiritual Services to the Community for over 50 years. Our Church is a Sanctuary which facilitates healing, guidance, courses, talks and readings, all are welcome.


To provide a spiritual healing and learning centre to the community which allows individuals to discover and deepen their connection with their own divinity and spiritual growth. A nurturing and welcoming place where people from all walks of life can gather, heal, share, commune and grow.


To enable others to be engaged with the wisdom of Spiritualism and Spirituality, and thereby be better equipped to live deeper and fuller lives and to serve their communities and the good of all.


While respecting the diversity in others belief’s and spiritual philosophies and teaching, we affirm that we all share a common ground in our interconnectedness and aspiration to grow in a richer understanding of our purpose in life and our place in the world.

Upcoming Regular Events

May 29

Divine Light Service with Rev. David Finlay & Kelly Hollings

Special Events

Jun 18

Mediumship Foundation Workshop - with Jordie Jones

Latest News

A 2020 Astrological Update

A 2020 Astrological Update

YEAR 2020 FORECAST UPDATE As stated in my 2020 Astrological Forecast back in November 2019 this year (2020) is an Emperor Year. It is the first year of a two year cycle. The ‘Emperor’ tries hard to establish rules of order. There are however those that will rebel against the imposition of their freedoms because of the dictates of those in authority/others. This has been evident to me with the appalling behaviour/panic caused by this dreadful virus sweeping the globe. Lessons focus on learning how to live with the rules. Next year is a ‘Hierophant’ Year. It is the second year in the power/authority cycle. People learn best through adversity however painful. We are faced with problems to solve. We need to listen to our inner self. Do what you know is right for the good of all. We need to...

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Healing the Child Within

Healing the Child Within

The wounded child within us is always present, waiting for us to turn our attention inwards towards its needs.   Most people have experienced some type of trauma as a child. These experiences may vary, i.e. having your favourite toy thrown in the bin or experiencing detachment through being placed in childcare.  More significant and painful experiences are incurred by  parental separation or divorce, abandonment, rejection or abuse. Whatever the degree of the trauma, the painful experiences are unknowingly repressed by us when we come into adulthood. These psychological wounds remain in our cellular memory during our lifetime – the impacts of the wounds are long lasting.   The wounds of childhood may reveal itself in adult years through: relationship difficulties, trust issues, self esteem, anger issues, physical ailments, depression & anxiety – it may even impact on a sexual level. We...

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Merle Tait - Intuitive Art - Wrap up

Merle Tait – Intuitive Art – Wrap up

Merle Tait, Intuitive Art Teacher, facilitated an Intuitive Art & Guide drawing workshop at COSE in September 2019 The contents of the workshop included a guided meditation to attune with our Spirit Guides, helpers and Inspirers. Merle then guided the workshop participants in drawing the foundations of a face portait. With the basic prompts of  the background color of the portrait and then eyes and facial features, we were encouraged to trust in our intuition, holding no perceptions of any expectations of what we wanted to draw, but allowing ourselves to be open and receptive to our intuitive and creative flow. The result of the workshop came up with some amazing art work and images of guides and Spirit impressions. Merle followed up with passing on Intuitive Readings on each participants Art Work in which a lot of insight was received....

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COSE Fun(d)raising: Sue King reports...

COSE Fun(d)raising: Sue King reports…

Hi, Like the staple norm for most voluntary run, not for profit groups and church’s like COSE, we have fundraising activities such as Trivia Nights (March 14th & November 14th) Bring your family and friends for fun and frivolity. Tickets are only $20 or $15 concession.  There’s lots of answering, auctioning and beverages, BYO nibbles.) Readings’ Days on the third Saturday of each month February until November and, of course; Regular raffles linked with Easter, Mother’s Day  COSE CELEBRATE 48 YEARS ON AUGUST 22nd 2020 The COSE Anniversary raffle will be drawn with similar prizes of gift cards after  the Celebratory Anniversary Service on August 23rd. Remember, whenever you’re at COSE I invite you to check-out our refreshed and newly energised shop. The stock on show is constantly changing with all sorts of crystals, Feng Shui and lots of useful bric...

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Reflections from our Minister - Rev David Finlay

Reflections from our Minister – Rev David Finlay

REFLECTIONS OF THE MINISTER Over recent weeks have been drawn by Spirit to reflect on the letter , “i”, not in the context of the perpendicular pronoun but in words such as inspired, impressed, intuition, instinct and imagination. All of these words relate to the unconscious energies we sense in our daily lives but also when we are consciously working with Spirit. To elaborate, absolutely everything in the Universe seen and unseen is energy. We are energy and so being a part of the whole energetic picture we sense and react to shifts in this sea of energy surrounding us. On a physical level at times we are drawn seemingly like a magnet to some persons whilst we are repulsed by others without perhaps having any exchange with them other than them having been in the vicinity of our extended energetic...

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