Reflections from our Minister

Reflections from our Minister - Rev David Finlay

Reflections from our Minister – Rev David Finlay

REFLECTIONS OF THE MINISTER Over recent weeks have been drawn by Spirit to reflect on the letter , “i”, not in the context of the perpendicular pronoun but in words such as inspired, impressed, intuition, instinct and imagination. All of these words relate to the unconscious energies we sense in our daily lives but also when we are consciously working with Spirit. To elaborate, absolutely everything in the Universe seen and unseen is energy. We are energy and so being a part of the whole energetic picture we sense and react to shifts in this sea of energy surrounding us. On a physical level at times we are drawn seemingly like a magnet to some persons whilst we are repulsed by others without perhaps having any exchange with them other than them having been in the vicinity of our extended energetic...

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Reflections from our Minister - December 2018

Reflections from our Minister – December 2018

Have you on occasions as you have journeyed through life encountered someone even from a distance that you feel an immediate connection with or feel drawn to them, not necessarily because of their physical attributes but on an unexplainable deeper emotional level? You feel magnetically drawn to them. On closer contact you feel as though you’ve known them for your entire life. You want to embrace them and hold that embrace forever because it feels so good and it feels so right and when you make eye contact it is deep and engaging. Why is this so? As individuals we come from the realms of Spirit as we incarnate into this lifetime and on death of our earthly body we return to the world of spirit in an ongoing cycle. Just as in this lifetime we have our family and friends...

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Reflections from our Minister - August 2018

Reflections from our Minister – August 2018

There are many things in life we take for granted without giving them a second thought. It is only when they are no longer available that we appreciate their true value. Probably for each of us the greatest asset we have and what a powerful tool we have at our disposal is our mind. What a marvelous machine the mind is. It keeps our bodies functioning. It stores and can recall memories, experiences and events on-going from our earliest childhood. It enables us to live safely our day to day lives guiding us on our outward journey and accurately guiding us on our return journey to our homes. We’ve all heard the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’! It is the power generated from the mind that manifests our prayers, invocations and desires. Everything is energy and when focused through...

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Reflections from our Minister - April 2018

Reflections from our Minister – April 2018

Trust in Spirit! That’s a big ask! For many reasons each of us like to be in control of our destiny. Perhaps it is a result of the free will we all have been blessed with but more likely it is the fear of failure and the resultant embarrassment and loss of face we perceive we will suffer in the eyes of our contemporaries. I have found through experience that when we trust in spirit without any fore-thought or pre- determined outcome then the progress to conclusion is smooth, pleasant and effortless. When the ego steps in wanting us to take control, plan the route and eventually arrive at the required result or destination then the road is often rocky, torturous and the outcome somewhat less than that desired and may often end in tears. Those in Spirit, our spirit guides...

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