About Us


The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment (COSE) was founded by Ivy Ayris, her husband Charlie Ayris and Norman Gunn on August 20th 1972.

Ivy Ayris and Norman Gunn were dedicated Spiritualists for many years before the purchase and founding of COSE in John St, Williamstown. Their

incentive was to have a Healing and Teaching Centre and to pass on to all who seek, the messages of the Spirit.

After establishing COSE in 1972, many Church members followed their calling to share their healing and support to the Church. Since it’s very beginnings, the Church has provided service, healings and teachings on a voluntary basis.

In 1975, Ivy Ayris was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister and the following year Norman Gunn was also ordained as a Spiritualist Minister. Both Ministers passed into the higher life in 2003. They donated the Church to the community so that it may continue it’s work and service for which is was first founded.

COSE has opened it’s doors for over 45 years. The legacy of it’s founders still continues by providing weekly healings, teaching and development circles, Sunday Service and also hosts numerous workshops and guest speakers.

COSE is currently under the Ministry of Rev. David Finlay, who has served as Minister for the past 11 years. COSE has a Team of  Light Workers and Volunteers who contribute their time and love energy to keep the Church in operation.

COSE is a Not for Profit Organisation and relies on donations to keep it in continuence.


Reverend David Finlay


Phone: (03) 9366 4103


Barbara Witcombe

COSE President & Assistant Minister

Phone: 0404 669 232