Angel Connections

Angel Connections

Everyone has Guides and Angels who are always close by, working and walking alongside you lovingly. The more we attune with, communicate and recognise our Angel Helpers, the more we are strengthening our connection. Not only are you strengthening your connection and communication, you are also deepening your Oneness with Source and your Higher Self.

Most people are not able to see or hear Angels because the vibration of the Angelic Realm is at a much higher frequency than our own. You may however, learn to see, hear and sense Angels. It is easier to connect with Angels when your frequency is high. Our frequency is naturally high when we are in states of joy, openheartedness and positivity. We are also able to heighten our vibrations through spiritual practices, such as healing, sacred circle work and also love and light service and dedication.

Our vibration is ever changing and it can be affected by things going on around us. Old hurts and triggers, family issues, hard work and negative experiences and people, tend to hold us back. The more consistent we are with maintaining a high vibration through e.g. regular spiritual practice, the easier it is to keep the momentum of Angel Communication

The Angels are always with us, regardless of our rate of vibration, however, the higher our vibration, the easier we are to work with. Like attracts like, and if we are a resentful or angry mood, it is harder in these times to sense your Angels.

Angels have an important role in our life, they constantly teach us to love ourselves unconditionally as they love us. We may not realize it, but our thoughts create. We create our life by how we feel and think, and our Angels are constantly working with us with gentleness and humour to love and accept our self and to make a difference in our own personal life workings as well as that which we extend to the greater All. They give us protection and guidance and they can help us fulfil our creative potential by making our path smooth and beautiful.

Barbara Witcombe
COSE Assistant Minister/President


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