Reflections from our Minister – April 2018

Reflections from our Minister - April 2018

Trust in Spirit! That’s a big ask! For many reasons each of us like to be in control of our destiny. Perhaps it is a result of the free will we all have been blessed with but more likely it is the fear of failure and the resultant embarrassment and loss of face we perceive we will suffer in the eyes of our contemporaries.

I have found through experience that when we trust in spirit without any fore-thought or pre- determined outcome then the progress to conclusion is smooth, pleasant and effortless. When the ego steps in wanting us to take control, plan the route and eventually arrive at the required result or destination then the road is often rocky, torturous and the outcome somewhat less than that desired and may often end in tears.

Those in Spirit, our spirit guides and inspirers and even passed over family members have our wellbeing at heart. They want us to be happy. They want us to succeed. It is our stubbornness at not ‘letting go’ that gets us into trouble.

Perception too is a funny thing. Because a person is a doctor or an accountant or a lawyer or a minister of religion they are deemed to ‘know it all’ in the broad field of their chosen profession. This is not the case. That is why there are specialists in sub areas of each profession. In my day to day life I am constantly reminded of this.

In my role as Minister of the Church and facilitator from time to time I re–read and revise topics I thought I knew intimately and every time some forgotten facts arise. Then when I thought I had it all mastered from left field something new emerges. I’m sure that many of you can relate to that in several aspects of your life. From a spiritual perspective our journey never ends, even when we think we know it all.

Enjoy the journey!

Rev. David Finlay