Reflections from our Minister – August 2018

Reflections from our Minister - August 2018

There are many things in life we take for granted without giving them a second thought. It is only when they are no longer available that we appreciate their true value. Probably for each of us the greatest asset we have and what a powerful tool we have at our disposal is our mind.

What a marvelous machine the mind is. It keeps our bodies functioning. It stores and can recall memories, experiences and events on-going from our earliest childhood. It enables us to live safely our day to day lives guiding us on our outward journey and accurately guiding us on our return journey to our homes.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’! It is the power generated from the mind that manifests our prayers, invocations and desires. Everything is energy and when focused through intent and unconditional love the process starts in transforming the energy of our desires into what has been requested.

Apart from the physical aspect of us living our lives the mind it is also to the forefront of our spiritual self. In this respect as we have evolved it is now the tool we most use and is the most used in our spiritual endeavours. Today most of the communication between ourselves and those in Spirit is by way of the mind. From time to time we all daydream, gazing vacantly within and enjoying that pleasant space we find ourselves before we are jolted back to reality. The key to Spirit communication works in a similar way. Not only are our outward thoughts an energy that ripples outward across the ethers but the return messages are received in a similar manner and decoded within the mind to create a meaningful message to us. The received energy within our mind may paint a picture or we perceive words and sentences ‘from out of the blue’.

The pathway to enhancing this faculty available to each of us is through meditation. The medical/health value of meditation to our bodies has been well documented. Unfortunately most of us lack the discipline to actively participate in the process and the associated self-healing benefits.

From a spiritual development perspective meditation allows one to still the mind and achieve an altered state of awareness whereby we can become more aware of our surrounds and more particularly the small voice within. Meditation encompassing a guided visualisation component is the pathway to developing our faculties to work with those in Spirit. If we sit quietly open to all sorts of spiritual whispers in time we may find that we again tap into our natural abilities to be at one with all things and subsequently reap the benefits of divine guidance and wisdom.

Finally, a useful tip courtesy of Elizabeth Peru. If you find someone unloading on you and you don’t want to become involved use the power of the mind to place a mirror between yourself and them. This reflects all they are giving out back at them and all they see is themselves which quickly shuts them down.

Rev. David Finlay