Reflections from our Minister – Rev David Finlay

Reflections from our Minister - Rev David Finlay

In his book ‘Ancient Teachings for Beginners’ published in 2003 the author Douglas De Long states as part of the introduction in the context of evolving that ‘people are awakening and becoming more spiritual’. In stumbling across this statement it reinforced what was already in my mind as the topic for this article. I was inspired a few days earlier to write this passage about my own journey of spiritual awakening with particular emphasis on the role COSE has played in this evolution.

My active awakening process commenced  in the early to mid-1990’s long before I had heard of spiritualism and spiritualist churches when I was drawn to and became involved in a private development group with a particular focus on crystal enhanced spiritual healing and it was with this group that I witnessed many amazing occurrences. One can only speculate that Spirit was facilitating circumstances, people and events that would lead me in 1997 or thereabouts to COSE for further spiritual development.

Reverend David Finlay

I think back now to that time. Resource materials for self – education were scant. Practitioners of alternate therapies were hard to find. Teachers with knowledge of esoteric subjects were even more difficult to locate and costly to engage in the sharing of their knowledge. How times have changed! Now just 25 years later there are an abundance or readers and practitioners of all kinds practically on every street corner. Bookshops and libraries are bursting with a copious amount of books on every esoteric subject and there is so much information and opinion available on-line it can all get very confusing and still costly.

So what does COSE offer? Firstly, there is the forum for interaction with other likeminded people whereby there can be an exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.  Over time the range of the discussions and workshops cover most conceivable topics.  Above all, it is a learning centre affording each and everyone the opportunity to put into practice and share in the theories they have learned.  Over the years there is so much diversity I have learned and experienced, some of them mind blowing and unbelievable under the guidance of COSE’s mentors and teachers I will be forever grateful. I believe that the diverse and intimate knowledge I now have of the ancient mysteries is mostly as a result of my association with COSE and its teachers both in theory and practice having experienced and learned practical techniques in a variety of situations that would not normally be taught elsewhere. In my opinion the ‘hands on’ aspect in any learning process far exceeds the benefits that may be gained from book learning the theory. COSE facilitates this ‘hands on’ experience.

As Minister I spend several hours each week exploring various topics on the internet as well as much reading of printed material. Today there is an abundance of material available on the worldwide web for those wishing to explore a particular topic. There is so much material and personal opinion of the author that at times I find it confusing. Similarly the printed resources available on bookshop shelves on any particular subject has increased fifty fold in the last 20 years creating a dilemma of choice for aspiring students. ‘Overwhelming’ is probably the best adjective to describe this abundance of information.

Over this past 20 years I have seen so much change in both the way Spirit interacts with us on the physical level and also in the diversity and number of people pursuing their spiritual pathway. Despite the abundance of qualified practitioners of alternative therapies and ‘readers’ out there in the public domain in my opinion COSE and other Spiritualist Churches are still the best place to explore, experience and develop your gifts of Spirit.

Rev. David Finlay


            The COSE committee meets four times per year to facilitate maintenance, fund raising and general housekeeping of the Church properties as well as implementing initiatives to maintain its ongoing viability commercially for the benefit of the Church members and the community. A vacancy currently exists for one Ordinary Member of the Committee.

If you are a current financial member of the Church and feel that you would like to contribute and become involved with the running of the Church as a committee member please approach Barbara Witcombe (President) or Rev. David Finlay. (Minister.)


The new air-conditioning has seen us through our first summer and worked far more effectively and efficiently than the old evaporative system. It was quite pleasant to sit in the Church on those several extremely hot Sundays.

It was a slow process but after several months of part time achievement by Shane Egoroff  the roof leaks and wall damage under the Church steeple has been repaired. Thanks Shane! You went where several tradespeople we approached declined to go to carry out this work.

We urge you to support the Williamstown Musical Theatre Company by attending their new show ‘Rock of Ages’ . The brief season performances are in early May. WMTC is supporting COSE directly by renting space in the John Street hall for pre-production work and some rehearsals as well as indirect support on a technical and commercial level.


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