Reflections from our Minister – Rev David Finlay

Reflections from our Minister - Rev David Finlay


Over recent weeks have been drawn by Spirit to reflect on the letter , “i”, not in the context of the perpendicular pronoun but in words such as inspired, impressed, intuition, instinct and imagination. All of these words relate to the unconscious energies we sense in our daily lives but also when we are consciously working with Spirit.

To elaborate, absolutely everything in the Universe seen and unseen is energy. We are energy and so being a part of the whole energetic picture we sense and react to shifts in this sea of energy surrounding us. On a physical level at times we are drawn seemingly like a magnet to some persons whilst we are repulsed by others without perhaps having any exchange with them other than them having been in the vicinity of our extended energetic body, our aura.

But Spirit is more concerned with our developing our inner resources and skills to understand, to attune to and to work with to our advantage the resources each have available to us. A simple task is the power of our imagination. We use the power of our mind, our imagination to carry out everyday tasks. We strive for a successful outcome to any task by imagining the outcome and in a step by step process as to how we can achieve that outcome. Even mundane tasks like making your bed follow this thought and imagination process. Guided meditations rely on our imagination to paint pictures in our mind related to the topic of the meditation. We use our imagination in the form of mantra’s and day-dreams as a tool to creating our reality. On a more subtle level we sometimes use our imagination to create a scenario or a story as in dreaming while we sleep or in day-dreaming. We put these episodes down to fantasy, but are they? The soul that retains total memory of every of our lifetimes communicates to our awareness via our ‘imagination’ so often dredged from our sub-conscious soul memory are past events and circumstances that we unfold in our conscious awareness through our imagination. I has been recorded instances where that which was was presented as a ‘made up’ story has been later confirmed as a true event.

Inspired and impressed is the language of that compels us to different actions. We get a sudden subtle urge within to do or not do a particular evolution. It is also the manner in which our spirit guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit communicate with us. In part it is the energy or inspiration imparted to the psychic reader combined with their imagination that delivers the messages during the clairvoyant demonstration in the Church each Sunday.

Reverend David Finlay

Often as we focus on the chore of living our day to day lives we fail to notice these subtle messages coming to us. From time to time we need to take a regular ’time out’ for ‘me time’ where in the quiet we are able to still our minds from mundane everyday chatter to tune in and listen to the wealth of information available to each of us.  This is one of the many benefits of even a short period of meditation.

Spirit advise us to be discerning and not dismiss out of hand the thoughts that pop into our head as fantasy or wishful thinking particularly when the mind is still or we have set our intent to ‘tune in’ to these energies. In these circumstances we can receive divine inspiration from beyond the veil, clarification to the ‘why’ of certain circumstances, glimpses of past lives and suggested instructions to further our life’s journey. On a mental level the ‘I’s’ (inspired, impressed, intuition, instinct and imagination) are some of the most important tools available to each of us to create our reality.

Australian Aboriginal Proverb

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”

And we thought only modern Spiritualists had the monopoly on this philosophy!




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