Reflections from our Minister – December 2018

Reflections from our Minister - December 2018

Have you on occasions as you have journeyed through life encountered someone even from a distance that you feel an immediate connection with or feel drawn to them, not necessarily because of their physical attributes but on an unexplainable deeper emotional level? You feel magnetically drawn to them. On closer contact you feel as though you’ve known them for your
entire life. You want to embrace them and hold that embrace forever because it feels so good and it feels so right and when you make eye contact it is deep and engaging. Why is this so?

As individuals we come from the realms of Spirit as we incarnate into this lifetime and on death of our earthly body we return to the world of spirit in an ongoing cycle. Just as in this lifetime we have our family and friends around us so too in spirit we have our spiritual family and friends. Just as in this lifetime we are closer in emotional attachment to some members of our family and friends the same is true of our family and friends in the spirit world. Hence we have our Spirit Family or Soul Group and on a closer more intimate level our Soul Mates.

All within a spirit family have a similar vibration or energy signature and all are at a similar state of evolution. Spirit families tend to incarnate together to assist one another in achieving their life goals while others remain in Spirit to act as Spirit Guides. Hence we have moments of synchronicity whereby we occasionally encounter others to whom we subconsciously recognise
and we sense we have a common bond. When we encounter a soul mate that attraction is even more intense.

To evolve we need to tick off the lessons of our earthly experiences. Because we have so much in common on every level with a Soul Mate and even members of our Soul Group a permanent
partnership with these persons to which we are drawn during this lifetime as emotionally desirable as it might appear to be is not to our advantage for our continued growth as an individual.

In the physical world opposites attract so we need in our lives people that will enable us to have the experiences that we have pre-ordained and committed to for each lifetime. Thus on a physical level most seek and commit to a relationship where a love and mutual respect is nurtured and where each can learn and experience life based on the character and experiences of the other partner.

On a different level but just as intense can be an encounter with a partner from a past lifetime. Once again there is that subtle unconscious unexplained recognition and that overwhelming attraction and closeness. These couples are again brought together perhaps to continue the relationship and their mutual journey, or in a co-operation to experience and to assist each other in new challenges as individuals.

When you experience one of these encounters in a quiet moment use your mind to search your soul. The answer will come to you regarding the relationship and also if you ask yourself the questions the purpose of the meeting will be revealed.

Rev. David Finlay