Creating and Manifesting Abundance in Your Life

Creating and Manifesting Abundance in Your Life

Open your minds to new ideas, surrender and believe.

We are all energy and like attracts like.
“The Quantum Field responds not to what we want, it responds to who we are being”
Joe Dispenza
Sometime we don’t even realise what we are projecting as the feelings can run so deeply.
If we show up from a place of fear, hurt, past pain, anxiousness… That is what we are putting out into our energy field and what others are picking up on…..Alternately, if we show up from a place of love, joy, excitement and expecting good THAT is the energy field we are creating and what others will pick up on.
One is a repelling energy as its uncomfortable both for ourselves and others…. the other draws others to us as it is light and inviting, with a feeling of happiness and safety.
(it’s like ringing Telstra… You ring and you’re happy and polite you’ll likely get good service, if you’re frustrated and angry your customer service person is more likely to respond in a less helpful manner)
(it you’re going for a job interview and your unprepared and nervous… You likely fumble your way through and not make the impression you’re hoping for….. But if you go in prepared, relaxed and confident…. You’ll find your words easier, come across as more relaxed and usually make a better impression and build much better repore)

“I will sit in the silence and within myself I will revise the picture. I will hear the very man who told me “no, and that’s final” and hear him tell me “yes” and the door opens.
Neville Goddard
Ever heard the quote… What we can see in our mind we can hold in our hand…our minds are extremely powerful things…. Teach your mind to visualise.. Imagine the scene exactly as you want it to be, imagine it as if it has already happened (that puts it out into the Universe / the Quantum Field), feel it like you are really there, feel it and believe it 100%, feel it in every cell of your body, once you have felt that image to be true and have happened go about your day in happiness and gratitude for the wonderful time it was.
You can further this feeling by having a conversation in your mind about how amazing the event was and how much you enjoyed it, etc. When you think about it from a place of it having happened you are in gratitude and in abundance mentality… When you think about it from a place of wanting it to happen, you are in need and desperation…this is a lack mentality…. Always create from a place of abundance….create positive abundance.
Loosen your grip, believe…..and let the Universe work it’s magic.
See it in your minds eye

Set your intention as to the outcome you desire, the mood you want to create, the connection you want to feel.
Open you heart… Feel the feeling of love, respect, gratitude, admiration, etc for that person… Allow those feelings to fill your heart and envelop your body… Now imagine all of that love and energy filling the other person’s heart and then enveloping their body…. Feel the energy of love, happiness, joy… Whatever feelings you want to feel with that person…just really feel it in every cell of your body and spilling out into theirs. The Hearts Energy Field can travel quite far… Never underestimate the power of love….. Especially when it’s delivered with pure intent.
Do this even with your texts etc….. I have friends who set intention into their business calls when selling and on those days achieve better sales, etc….

REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS ENERGY… “WE” ARE JUST MASSES OF ENERGY….so project out what you want to attract in and around you.
Set yourself up for a good day.
Plant your seed into the Universe…. Don’t keep digging around at it restlessly….no seed ever grew from being dug up a hundred times to check if it’s growing….. Plant the seed, sprinkle it with love, belief and a feeling of joy and watch it grow.
Enjoy your day, spread the love and positive vibes … I’m cheering you on with love and hugs always 💫💞🌏

Sarah Axon – COSE Lightworker


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