Listening to the voice of wisdom within

Listening to the voice of wisdom within

In this day and age, most people have a tendency to rely on their analytical mind to discern life choices and for directing their life path towards positive outcomes.

It’s easy to forget that we all have the gift of intuition, which is always present and is always available to guide us in every aspect of our life. Intuition is our inner Knowing. Not the knowledge which is derived from books, lessons and information, but the sense of inner knowing within ourselves.

Albert Einstein, one of history’s greatest scientists, termed the intuitive mind as “a sacred gift” and the rational mind as a “faithful servant”. Einstein also acknowledged that “we have created a society that honours the servant and forgotten the gift”.

Intuition, is not exclusively used and developed as a spiritual teaching in spiritual environments. It is now widely understood and used by scientists, psychologists, life coaches, medical practitioners, and also encouraged in many businesses and organisations.

You would be surprised to know that Intuition is a deliberate skill that can be developed. Once you attune with it, you may use it for many purposes including – helping you choose a career path, making snap decisions, guidance for life choices and assistance to create the greatest good in your life.

There are different levels of intuition which guide and inspire us, even protect us and help us make decisions which can be life changing.

Gut Instinct

The gut is referred to by scientists as our second brain. Gut instinct comes to us quite spontaneously when we are challenged or confronting decision making. We will be impressed with a strong feeling in the stomach (gut) to i.e. “go ahead with something” “not trust something/someone”. When your gut instinct is active, it will answer questions i.e. “is this choice/person/relationship in my best interest? Will this situation meet my true needs?

Heart Based Intelligence

Our compassion, strength and inner knowing of our heart space, encourages us to adopt the practise of courage, compassion, empathy and care in order to communicate and connect with others and all life forms in our environment. It guides us to what is appropriate to say and do in moments of need and to communicate with appropriate words and also the unspoken gestures. Our Heart Space allows us to feel and follow the guidance of Love Within.

Visionary Power

This level of Intuition comes from the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, our centre of Vision and Clear Seeing.

Visions of imagery or symbolic messages may be received in the conscious waking state, dreams and meditation. In this field of Intuition : solutions, foreseeing, creative inspiration
and ideas may be received.

Universal Wisdom

This Intuitive Intelligence is often activated in deep Meditation, Sleep State or through advanced awareness practises. It is sometimes reported after near death experiences or times of great stress or trauma. With this gift, we may receive profound messages and visions – which guide, inspire and strengthen our resolve on our path and in our life.

This level of intuition, allows one to access the realms of all existences and to be consciously aware of our connection to life forms and our ability to co-create with Source. When we are aligned with this level of intelligence/intuition, we recognize that all things in life are sacred and that we have the power within us to change and heal our lives, if we so choose.

So how do we attune with, listen to and develop our intuition??

The practise is so easy, but the only obstacle of development and attuning, is getting over doubt and uncertainty that we have ‘All the Answers Within Us’. It is more so about Learning to Trust the Still Small Voice of Wisdom Within.

The Truth of the matter is, that it is Effortless – Get out of the Head, and into your Truth. Trust and Truth come hand in hand.

Calm the Mind, Calm the Emotions. Close the Outer Reality, by closing your eyes and entering the Inner Realm, your Beingness.

You may sit or Lay down, relaxed, and in the Quietness Within Your Self, Be aware of Your Intuition -Your Inner Knowingness. Calming yourself is an essential Key. When the mind and emotions are calm, Inspiration Flows. Visualising White Light and Also taking deep breaths, deepens the practice.

Energy flows where Attention goes, allow your attention to be focused in your Solar Plexus Region (above the naval and below the rib cage). You may visualise a Golden Flame/Light Within if this helps. Your body and “gut region”, has many millions of neurons which hold energy and information accumulated throughout your life and life experiences. Put forth your request to the Cosmic for an answer to a situation (ask precisely what it is you want, don’t make it too broad), or ask guidance for i.e. creative projects or any other matter. Then allow some quiet time for impressions to be received in this vicinity. If the answer does not come through the Solar Plexus, then it should come through a gentle sense of “Inner Knowingness” within yourself (not specifically from any region, but simply within yourself).

If an answer doesn’t come in your quiet time, then finish the practice and allow yourself to be open and receptive for inner guidance and inspiration thereafter (there need not be any rush, it will come to you when you are ready to receive it – usually when you least expect it, or thinking of the situation). The qualities of patience and observation is impertinent in the meantime, so you will need to check in occasionally with inner awareness and gentle observation. Messages and guidance will not come through the “thought forms” but will come from a sense of “inner knowingness”. It does take practice, and the more you do this, the more you will develop your intuition and trust with inner guidance and intuition.

May the Light of the Cosmic, Guide and Inspire you in All areas of your Life, Every Day in Every Way. Blessed Be!

Barbara Witcombe