Ways You Can Deepen your Connection with your Angels

Ways You Can Deepen your Connection with your Angels
  • Meditate more often.
  • Curb negative thoughts and words about yourself, others and/or life in general. Stay out of the “poor me” energy loop.
  • Be kind to yourself, others, animals and nature.
  • Forgive.
  • Connect with nature and Mother Earth: trees, the ocean, etc…
  • Work with crystals, flower essences, crystal elixirs and color therapy.
  • Get energy work such as Reiki.
  • Get bodywork such as massage.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol.
  • Read books and take classes that seek to enlighten you.
  • Get help from a licensed professional counsellor to help you in areas where you are “stuck” in the past.
  • Watch your diet. Too much meat, dairy and chemicals can lower your vibration.
  • Create harmony in your surroundings. Uncluttered your space, play beautiful music, put uplifting colours on the walls, tend to well loved and cared for plants and animal companions.
  • Create harmony in relationships. Try to surround yourself with people who uplift you, not drain you.
  • Ask the angels to help you raise your vibration – they will!