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*Artwork by Susan Boulet
“You do not need to see her. You already know her. It is she who moves in your dance. She is the music of your life. Do you need to ask her name? Call her Love. Call her Joy. Call her golden Aphrodite”.
Homeric Hymn 8th Century B.C.E.
Aphrodite has been known since the times of antiquity as the ‘Goddess of Love and Beauty’. Renown by her connection to love and sexuality with the gods and mortals alike, she exemplifies the force of attraction within nature and ourselves. She is the breath of life that moves through us and unites us to each other.
Aphrodite can be found in all things beautiful….the fragrance of a rose, in the golden hues of the rising sun, the stirring of admiration when we see splendid art or listen to beautiful music …..and most importantly….Within Your Self!
She is the force of attraction within each of us, that which draws us close to the beautiful. She heightens our senses, and brings joy, delight and sensuality into our life and life experiences.
Born from the Foam of the Sea, Aphrodite is strongly associated with the creative, life giving waters which is symbolic of life, fertility, renewal and hope.
As goddess of the Senses, Aphrodite is honoured when you open to the beauty within you and around you.
She reminds us of our right to have pleasure, beauty, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, prosperity, abundance and LOVE in Life
Aphrodite Dreaming – New Moon Ritual
The New Moon is a potent time to plant seeds of intention towards what you wish to manifest in your life. Whether it be for Love, Health and Happiness, or to Live your Life Fully. This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set your dreams in motion.
In this New Moon Ritual, we will invoking the qualities and blessings of Goddess Aphrodite’s for ‘Self Love’, Self Honouring’ Sensuality, Sexuality, Creativity, Pleasure and Beauty, Abundance”.
Aphrodite Dreaming
“If life is a Dream that we are continuously creating through our thoughts, desires, intentions and aspirations…then what are our ‘Creations’ without Beauty and Love”.
This New Moon Ritual draws into our Soul Essence the qualities and powers of Goddess Aphrodite to ‘ignite our inner fire’ and ‘enliven’ our life’, with her force of attraction, beauty and love to flow, grow and flourish within us.
Aphrodite holds the key to the spark of desire, which brings our ‘Dreams’ forth into our ‘Reality’.”
WHEN : Sunday, 11th February, 2024
WHERE : COSE – 59 John St, Williamstown (cnr of John & Rennie Streets)
COST : $30
BOOKINGS : Bookings are essential, msg Barbara Witcombe to book your place your place on Mbl : 0404 669 232


January 28


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




61 John Street
Williamstown, Victoria 3016 Australia

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