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When you have the opportunity to make your own drum this sacred process is very unique and personal. The ultimate intention is to make a drum that you love, one that makes your heart sing. Your drum becomes an extension of your heart and the drum beater an extension of your will, your life’s purpose. Your drum will connect to those and the space around you, with the intention of always being played with love for the higher purpose.
Materials supplied:
Drum material
15” timber drum hoop
Kangaroo Hide
Artificial sinew for threading
Drum Beater material
Timber dowel – you may bring another drum stick if required
Fleece for filling drum beater head
Suede for beater head
2 x towels for drying hides when washed.
1 x pair of rubber gloves for washing hides
Essences / crystals etc
Any crystals / feathers for drum beater – may also be completed at home depending on time
Homework – writing your intention for your drum (guidance will be provided before workshop)
Skills required
Basic hand sewing skills required for threading the hides
Number of attendees – 6
Time: 8.30am – 4pm (may go over time)
Cost: $380 per person
Deposit required per person to confirm your space: $100
Transfer to: Jennifer McSweeney
BSB: 313140
ACC: 12278448
CONTACT JEN McSWEENEY to confirm your place :
Mbl : 0429 790 863
Email : jenmcsweeney25@gmail.com
Over the past 25 years I have loved using the drum energy for Space Clearing and energy healing with clients. In the early years I used a drum that was gifted to me, I never thought I would become a drum maker. Overall, the drum energy is very powerful and humbling to work with to transform energy with love and for a higher purpose.
10 years ago I started making medicine drums after I was gifted a few drum rings and deer hides from a dear friend. Creating drums was an exploration of my talents and skills and weaving these with childlike wonder and my spiritual practice. Yes I was open and happy to explore the drum making process just like I had done when I started playing the drums.
Throughout this journey many signs have appeared reinforcing that I am meant to be playing and making these sacred instruments. I look forward to sharing my love & skills with you throughout your drum making journey.
Every drum I make takes me on a sacred heartfelt journey and is embodied in sacred ceremony. You will understand this as you go through the life cycle of your drum making journey.
This sacred ceremony starts with your heartfelt commitment to make your own drum.
From this point forward it’s important to take time and reflect on your intentions for your sacred drum:
This reflection process may vary from person to person and involves some homework. I can’t emphasise enough how important this is.
You can do this many ways as follows:
• Write down your intention and higher purpose for your drum?
• Feel, hear, sense your heart connection to your drum as if it were already completed.
• Tune into the Kangaroo hide & heartbeat of this sacred animal.
• Sense the drum beater in your hand, the tones / vibrations / energy it will make when played with your drum.
• Write down everything that the drum journey stirs in you… it can be as long as you like!
• This will immerse you into the start of sacredness of the drum journey.
• Bring everything you’ve written and collected on your journey to the drum making day
Day of drum creating ceremony / ritual:
A sacred circle is set for all participants.
Welcome & Introduction to drum making.
Guided meditation & reinstating the intentions for birthing your sacred drum.
Washing, cleansing, smudging drum hides, rings and drum material
Demonstration of making a drum
Drum making by group
Drum beater making demonstration.
Drum beater making activity – this may be completed at home with materials supplied.


October 7, 2023




61 John Street
Williamstown, Victoria 3016 Australia

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