COSE 61 John Street, Williamstown, Victoria

Mediumship is a form of communication between the physical world and the Spirit world. Mediums are able to attune and blend their energy with those who have passed into Spirit by drawing on their inner senses of hearing, sensing and feeling (the Clairs) to receive and bring forth information from loved ones in the Spirit World. An essential practice of Mediumship is to bring forth ‘clear’ evidence from a loved one in Spirit to the Physical World so as to ‘Validate’ that the Spirit is very well and alive in the Spirit World / Life Here After. We all have the inherent abilities of Mediumship abilities within us.............waiting for us to tap into…………. The skills which bring forth our mediumship abilities comes from our innate psychic faculties. Once you quieten the distracting conscious mind and become receptive to the subtle energies, thoughts, images and feelings that come from those in Spirit, you are then able to draw on your inner senses (Clairs) to interpret these messages and bring forth evidence and messages from the Spirit World. During this 4 week Mediumship Course you will learn many techniques which will allow you to access, strengthen and utilize your Mediumship skills, including : - An Understanding of the “CLAIRS” and how to work your spiritual/psychic muscles so you can have a stronger connection - Putting aside the ‘Rational, Distracting Mind’ and coming into the Receptivity of your SOUL ESSENCE - Sitting in your POWER - Blending with the ESSENCE of the Communicator/SPIRIT - Techniques for Deepening your CONNECTION with Spirit - - Delving deeper into your EVIDENCE so you can present your evidence stronger - The process of INTERPRETING evidence - How you can bring forth ‘GOLDEN EVIDENCE’ from the Spirit Person to their Loved one in the Physical - And MUCH...

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