Merle Tait – Intuitive Art – Wrap up

Merle Tait - Intuitive Art - Wrap up

Merle Tait, Intuitive Art Teacher, facilitated an Intuitive Art & Guide drawing workshop at COSE in September 2019

The contents of the workshop included a guided meditation to attune with our Spirit Guides, helpers and Inspirers.

Merle then guided the workshop participants in drawing the foundations of a face portait. With the basic prompts of  the background color of the portrait and then eyes and facial features, we were encouraged to trust in our intuition, holding no perceptions of any expectations of what we wanted to draw, but allowing ourselves to be open and receptive to our intuitive and creative flow.

The result of the workshop came up with some amazing art work and images of guides and Spirit impressions. Merle followed up with passing on Intuitive Readings on each participants Art Work in which a lot of insight was received.

The individual Art Work brought forth some amazing messages. For some was a beautiful reminder of our oneness with Nature or messages of peaceful spirit energies that are always with us, guiding and supporting us in our journey in life.

Merle’s teaching methods are fun, humourous and enthusiastic. She reminds you to enjoy the experience and let yourself flow and be free with your creativity.

Everyone had a fantastic experience – Great Day, thankyou Merle!!!


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