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Tarot Course

This 8 week Tarot  course commencing Wednesday, 16th October – will be facilitated by Barbara Witcombe

Barbara has been reading and teaching the Tarot for over 30 years. This comprehensive course  covers a basic understanding of the 78 cards of the Tarot, using your intuition in reading the Tarot, the layout of basic spreads and how to read and interpret the Tarot.

Many people are drawn to Tarot readings to gain insight to what is unfolding in their lives. The Tarot, is not only about revealing events and experiences of the future, but also may be used to look at obstacles which hold you back from fulfilling your endeavours and how to work through these obstacles.

The Tarot can be consulted to gain answers in order to give you clarity and direction and a better understanding of life & life situations. You may read the Tarot for yourself personally, or consult the Tarot on behalf of family, loved ones and friends. The beauty of the Tarot is that it gives access (through it’s archtypal symbols & imagery) to Universal Wisdom and beneficial guidance.

The Tarot classes are designed to be simple and comprehensive. Handout’s are included each week, classes are limited to 12 so that quality attention is provided in group work training/reading and one on one guidance when needed. No experience is necessary.

The outline of the 8 week Course includes:

  • History, purpose and use of the Tarot
  • The Four Suits (Air, Fire, Water & Earth)
  • The Royal Arcana
  • The Major Arcana
  • The Layout of Basic Spreads
  • Developing and Listening to the Intuition
  • Tarot Reading practise and application

* Cost of course is $25 per class ($200 for 8 weeks).  All classes must be paid for whether they are attended or not.

*Weekly hand outs and notes are included in course.

*Participants need to purchase/have a “Rider Waite” Tarot Deck (approximately $25)


Bookings are Essential – Classes are limited to 12 and fill fast, contact Barbara Witcombe to secure your place.

Contact: Barbara Witcombe  Mbl: 0404 669 232   Email: info@cosewilliamstown.org.au




October 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm


December 4, 2019 @ 9:30 pm




61 John Street
Williamstown, Victoria 3016 Australia

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