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Intuitive Art Workshop with Merle Tait

This creative and inspiring workshop is facilitated by Merle Tait who is an Artist and Art Teacher with over 30 years experience.  Merle’s beautiful Art work has been  published in 2 x books and in oracle card decks (these can be viewed or purchased at the workshop).
Merle is also naturally gifted in her psychic abilities and intuition, she has dedicated over 20 years in Service to Spirit as a co-ordinator and host of the Fawkner Spiritualist Church.
In this workshop you will be guided by Merle’s teaching expertise to bring forth the foundations of your Spirit Guide artwork, such as providing you with the basic prompts of your background color for your Spirit Guide portrait and then guiding you as you draw the eyes and facial features of your Art work.
***You do not need any former experience in drawing, Merle will guide you through this with ease***
The first part of the workshop is dedicated to “Spirit Guide” Art. Merle will guide you through a meditation to connect with your higher self and spirit guidance, and then she will guide you through drawing your Spirit Guide/s.
The second half of the workshop is focused on what Merle calls the “Cross Roads”, where you will draw an image/imagery sourced from inspiration and insights received from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides which will give you direction towards your life. The theme of the “Cross Roads” Art, is designed for Spiritual Guidance and Knowledge which shows you how to follow your Path in Life.
*During the workshop, Merle will provide “Readings” and Guidance through her intuitive ability towards what your Art work is revealing from your subconscious mind.
*Participants will also have the opportunity to draw on their intuitive skills and provide other participants with “Readings and Intuitive Insights” on their artwork.
This special Intuitive Art Workshop enables students to draw on their own intuition, connect with their Spirit Guides and Inspirers and be guided by Merle Taits expertise in Art and gifts of intuition & clairvoyancy.
The beauty of this special workshop, is that not only do you connect with your spiritual guidance and inner artist, you are also learning to allow yourself to be open to your intuition and creative flow.
*Merle’s teaching methods are fun, humorous and enthusiastic. As part of the theme of the workshop experience, Merle reminds you to enjoy the experience, have fun and let your self flow and be free with your creativity.
* A $20 deposit is needed to confirm your place.
*The workshop is limited to 12 people
*To make a booking please contact /sms Barbara Witcombe Mb: 0404 669 232


November 26


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm




61 John Street
Williamstown, Victoria 3016 Australia

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