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Reiki & Reflexology treatments are  available @ COSE every Thursday during May  (11am- 6pm)

Peta Tyler  offers a truly unique and nurturing healing that induces a deeply relaxed state and brings balance, harmony and well being to your physical body, emotions and energy levels.

All therapy treatments are non-invasive, calming and deeply relaxing, all with a focus on the patients health, well being and individual needs.

Peta has been a Reiki /Seichem Master teacher for 21 years, she is also certified in Reflexology,  Ayurvedic Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedy and Soul Realignment Practition.

As part of your healing therapy, Peta also deepens your experience with crystals and Bush Flower essences.



Therapies offered

1 hour Reiki treatment with insights $70

1 hour Reiki/Reflexology treatment $90

90mins Ayurvedic Reflexology treatment $130

90mins Reiki/Reflexology treatment $130


Every Thursday 11am – 6pm

COSE – 59 John St, Williamstown 3016



Peta Tyler   

Mbl:  0419 559 648

Email : petatyler@hotmail.com



*Please note  – Peta Tylers Services are independant from COSE’s Healing Services. For all information and enquiries please ring Peta directly.





Reflexology is a completely relaxing and natural form of healing therapy in which pressure is applied to reflex points on the hands, feet and the ears. It is based on the principle that these reflex points are related to the internal organs and glands.

Reflexology stimulates the normal function of the organ involved and aids self healing, bringing about  physical and  emotional wellbeing (homeostasis) Treatment relieves stress and tension and improves nerve and blood supply. It may also help to relieve pain and tension.


Ayurvedic Reflexology

Ayurvedic Reflexology is the dynamic combination of traditional Indian foot massage with the knowledge of contemporary Reflexology.

Reflexology & Ayurvedic Reflexology is known for it’s ability to relieve stress, harmonise the body and increase immunity.

Reflexology assists in pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved digestive processes, improved circulation and lymphatic flow.


Reiki is a Japanese Spiritual Healing practise which promotes health, well being and personal development.

This Universal Energy Healing channelled by the practitioner targets the energy field around the patients body and aims to assist the flow of energy and remove any energy blocks or stagnation.

Improving the flow of energy in a patient energy field, enables relaxation, reduces pain, speeds up healing and reduces other symptons of illness.

Reiki has many benefits including: revitalising your own energy system, helping your body to heal naturally, strengthens your immunity system and promotes a sense of peace and calm.




May 27, 2021


10:00 am - 7:00 pm


61 John Street
Williamstown, Victoria 3016 Australia

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