David Watson talks…On Spiritual Healing.

David Watson talks...On Spiritual Healing.

Any physics textbook will tell you energy is “the capacity to do work”. Then it usually goes on to explain that “work” is the action of moving something against a force. But isn’t this definition kind of unsatisfying? It’s a bit like Plato’s definition of man as a “featherless biped” – it’s hard to poke holes in the reasoning, but you can’t help but feel something is missing.

As the Russian physicist Lev Okun said, “The more basic is a physical notion, the more difficult to define it in words.” For energy, the best we can do is say it’s the capacity to cause movement.

And that my fellow Spiritual travellers, should do us poor featherless bipeds just fine…Now…

Spiritual energy is fundamental in the healing we facilitate

This featherless biped,your writer enjoys the mysteries of collective nouns…you know…

  • A pride of lions
  • A caravan of camels
  • A trip of Trumps
  • A lick of philatelists
  • A Greta of Garbos. (Us oldies will understand that one)

And finally, what are we?  “A manifestation of Spiritualists.”

You can see that I love a pun.

Why did the cows return to the marijuana field?  It was a case of the pot calling the CATTLE back!

One of the great mysteries of the human mind is surely the pun. Just why are they funny?

Currently psychologists reckon the funniness of a pun is related to the little endorphin kick we experience when our brain switches from seeing one meaning to another, often contradictory one. It’s combination of surprise, juxtaposition, and perhaps a dash of vulgarity.  For example, consider:

  • Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Whether you laugh or not is beside the point. The thing about puns is that they can be incredibly funny and incredibly unfunny at the same time.

However, us “manifestations” are here today not for me to make jokes poorly, but because of our belief…our commitment to the knowledge that Spiritual energy is fundamental in the healing we facilitate for those who will accept the invitation.  Nonetheless …

Sometimes things happen in life that we could never have anticipated, prepared for or expected. There are many contests in life that can stop us in our tracks and cause us to consider how best to meet the challenges we face – a diagnosis, a death, a depression, a despair, a divorce, a disloyalty, a drama, a disaster, a disappointment.  This where Spiritual Healing is manifested in the best of Love and Light.

There are many ways this is demonstrated. My fiancee, Joan, recently asked me to help her with a healing on a person who was a bit of a size challenge for her.  Now it was also a task for me, so I entered the healing sanctuary with some apprehension.  Now here was the miracle that we facilitate as healers.

There’re signs up around our halls and church that you’ve probably noticed and hopefully read.  They say that we are the conduit for healing energy from Spirit…and that was truly manifest when I started to heal alongside Joan…the energy flowed, and my apprehension didn’t fade it was completely forgotten.

Spirit had taken over!  And my trepidation was wiped out.  Therefore, this proves to me… You too can heal!



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