COSE Fun(d)raising: Sue King reports…

COSE Fun(d)raising: Sue King reports...


Well summer is over.  Those extremely hot days are gone for now as Autumn rolls on into Winter: witnessed by some crisp, cold mornings accompanied by off-shore breezes from our bay; but COSE activities continue in all weathers.

The Tarot and Spiritual Readings’ Days commenced in February and will continue on every 3rd Saturday of the month until November.  No bookings are necessary!  The Rennie Street door opens at 10AM  and closes at 2.45PM.

The first “Trivia Night” on March 23rd raffle winners were Rev David, Nigel Foenander and Rob Mariner.  The next is  on October 12th in the John Street hall.  Just see (Sue King) for any further details of times and importantly, how much fun these social evenings always seem to be.  Why not make up a table among family and friends; we invite you to come along.  This Fun(d)raising night is only $20 PP or $15 concession and there’s much more prize-winning, fun activity … so to speak. The

Our newly energised and well stocked COSE Shop is open every Saturday and Sunday with a range of crystals, jewellery, Spiritual and Feng Shui paraphernalia along with donated bric-a-brac.  A big “Thank you” to all who support COSE by donating to and purchasing from our shop.

Barbara Price-Rees, a Psychic artist and Medium visited COSE for a special Sunday Service in February. (read more here at this link)

Barbara did several sketches of Spirit friends and each were accompanied by a message from those Spirit Friends.  I was privileged to be the recipient this acrylic drawing.

I was impressed, as the painting took shape, as both faces looked familiar: the man had a look about him like my father particularly with the eye colour like mine.  I believe it’s my grandfather.

The lady  resembles my mother when she was younger even though she has grey hair.

The Spiritual Connections certainly kept the whole congregation enthralled throughout the hour-long demonstration of Psychic art and Mediumship.

Barbara Price-Rees, Psychic Artist and Medium at COSE Williamstown

The past (financial) year saw over $5,000 raised which provided for a lot of building maintenance and particularly new and efficient air-conditioners in the church. A big personal “Thank You” to all our COSE Lightworkers for all your input, whether helping with fun(d)raising, Healing, and Readings.  And just as importantly, to your families for sharing you with us

Love and Light

Sue Rae King


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