Astrological Forecast for 2022 – By Helena Findlay

Astrological Forecast for 2022  - By Helena Findlay




Year 2022 = 6 = The Lover’s Year

Additionally: 20 = Judgement (Raising Social Consciousness).

Additionally: 22 = The Fool (New Beginnings).

I imagine many are breathing a sigh of relief after the horrors of the past two years.
Year 2022 is a 6 which in Tarot relates to the Lover’s Year. As the card suggests the focus is on relationships, not only with others but also with the self. The importance of the lesson this year is to learn to communicate openly and honestly.

The Lover’s Year reminds us that life is about choices and the need to balance opposing energies within the self. We need to be clear about who we are and what we want.

The questions we need to ask ourselves to get through this year:

From JUDGEMENT (20):

How will I recognise what I need to do?

What needs to be revisited in my life so that I can improve myself?

How do I embrace change and recognise the growth (or not) in my relationship with others?

How do I take responsibility for the choices I make or have made in raising social consciousness for the betterment of humanity?

These are deep questions but by working from within ourselves we can instigate changes in the outer world and recognise how we relate to it.

From THE FOOL (22)

What must I trust in?

Am I being foolish?

Where is my soul taking me?
A need to find the joy and spontaneity in living life.



Force = Yang
Element = Water

Cycle starts 1st. February, 2022.

The Water Tiger tends to be open minded and sensitive. This Tiger has the gift to see clearly and fairly and the ability to see things objectively which can teach us the lesson of how to relate to how others feel.
The Water Tiger moves forward with a vision of initiating change and to recognise the need to avoid conflict and to channel strength. The key to success this year is resilience and determination and ridding the self of emotional baggage.


I wish you peace, joy and success for the coming year.

Love and Light.



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