A 2020 Astrological Update

A 2020 Astrological Update


As stated in my 2020 Astrological Forecast back in November 2019 this year (2020) is an
Emperor Year. It is the first year of a two year cycle.
The ‘Emperor’ tries hard to establish rules of order. There are however those that will rebel
against the imposition of their freedoms because of the dictates of those in authority/others. This
has been evident to me with the appalling behaviour/panic caused by this dreadful virus sweeping
the globe. Lessons focus on learning how to live with the rules.

Next year is a ‘Hierophant’ Year. It is the second year in the power/authority cycle. People
learn best through adversity however painful. We are faced with problems to solve. We need to
listen to our inner self. Do what you know is right for the good of all. We need to examine our own
values and beliefs. Are we walking the talk or are we just preaching our own dogma? We need to tap
into our own inner wisdom for answers. If confusion reigns seek counselling with someone you trust.
This difficult time will go on until at least September/October 2020. We will then slowly
move towards growth and healing into 2021. It will be a slow process!
What makes me say this?
This year is a double i.e. ‘Judgement’. We come face to face with our own mortality. There
needs to be full scale restructuring and it’s important to apply power for the good of others. Past
actions may be judged and motives need to be confronted, e.g. who knew what, when, and why was
action delayed.
Next year (2021) we still have ‘Judgement’ (20) but we also have ‘The World’ (21). This
signifies completion of major projects . It can be a successful year. There will be a strong connection
to Mother Earth. An involvement with issues of world import with a culmination of a larger process.
Globally people and nations are going to have to think about the ripple effect. What I/we do
affects others. Post virus leaders may be ready to listen and compromise.
We can only hope!

Love and Light