The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment Williamstown has provided Spiritual Services to the Community for over 45 years. Our Church is a Sanctuary which facilitates healing, guidance, courses, talks and readings, all are welcome.


Church Closure for 2018 and 2019 dates for resuming Church activities;

Our Divine Light Service on Sunday 16th December (Christmas Carol Service) will be the last COSE Service and activity for 2018.
Sunday Service will recommence on Sunday 13th January 2019.
Saturday Morning Healing will resume from Saturday 2nd February and our Tuesday Night Development Circle, will recommence on Turesday 5th February.
We wish you a joyful and happy Christmas and safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.


To provide a spiritual healing and learning centre to the community which allows individuals to discover and deepen their connection with their own divinity and spiritual growth. A nurturing and welcoming place where people from all walks of life can gather, heal, share, commune and grow.


To enable others to be engaged with the wisdom of Spiritualism and Spirituality, and thereby be better equipped to live deeper and fuller lives and to serve their communities and the good of all.


While respecting the diversity in others belief’s and spiritual philosophies and teaching, we affirm that we all share a common ground in our interconnectedness and aspiration to grow in a richer understanding of our purpose in life and our place in the world.

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